Accordion-Inspired Smart Lamp



High Quality Materials

The folding/foldable lamp comes a pleated Tyvek-paper shade sitting between two pieces of wood. The lamp’s lights illuminate through the pleated paper, while the Tyvek’s folded nature allows you to maneuver the lamp like a slinky, adjusting it in a variety of shapes and forms.


Modern & Great Sustainable Design

The lamp’s LED lighting and battery come built right into its wooden ends, and hidden magnets allow the ends to snap to each other, creating interesting-looking closed forms, or allow it to connect to any metal surface, or even allowing you to hook up multiple Accordion Lamps to create one singular, fun, flexible strip of lighting! just be Inventive.


Portable Lamp with Two Color Modes

This portable accordion-inspired lamp comes with two light color-temperatures, allowing you to switch between warm and cool white lighting just by shutting and opening the lamp, and provides 5-6 hours of lighting (and playing) on a full battery charge!


What Our Customers Say


This Store is absolutely AMAZING! I love this store because they offer surprisingly fast and affordable shipping. Plus their staff are awesome which makes the shopping experience fantastic!

Jessica, Colorado, U.S.A.


What a great idea this product is. This lamp is awesome. It’s good quality. It’s stylish and I love how soft the light is. Perfect for waking up slowly in the morning or for creating cozy atmosphere. I am very happy with this lamp and I highly recommend it.

Katie, Florida, U.S.A.


This is my second time buying from SquareGull! Each time my experience was hassle free. I bought the accordion lamp as a gift for my daughter and as expected, great quality from this lovely brand. We will be buying again soon I'm sure.

Brittany, Kansas, U.S.A.


SquareGull shipped my order super fast and was amazing to work with! I ordered the smart accordion lamp and it is exactly what I needed, very beautiful lamp. Awesome Brand!

Julie, Kansas, U.S.A.


I love this lamp, it's made well and the warm white color is nice. Great light to keep on your bedside at night. Either for reading, being on the tablet, or just watching TV. I love the fact that you can change it to several different shapes. Beautiful design fits perfectly with any decor!

Michael, Georgia, U.S.A.